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Grassroots Leader Jason Gillman Says Ronna Is A Bulldog For Trump, Best RNC Chair Ever

Ronna Romney McDaniel

By Brandon Hall
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Below is an excerpt from a great article written by Jason Gillman, the Editor at, about the amazing work Ronna Romney McDaniel has done as RNC Chair!

Gillman, a former Grand Traverse County Commissioner, is a grassroots favorite. 

Gillman challenged State Rep. Larry Inman in the primary last year and received approx. 40% of the vote, an impressive feat against an incumbent legislator.

"Ronna McDaniel has been better than any national chair of the RNC," Gillman said. "No other RNC chair has used social media so successfully, put themselves in front of (even the fake news) cameras daily in support of our president and his/our agenda.The woman is a bulldog and knows when to attack the other side without reservation. Actively promoting Republican ideals (not necessarily establishment capitulation either) she is constantly visible and keeping a positive face on the Republican Party."

Gillman hopes more follow Ronna's lead.

"She has earned my respect," Gillman said. "I hope she can continue to perform as well, and keep the weak sisters in the party from abandoning our constantly assaulted (and effective) president."

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Rep. Paul Mitchell Will Introduce And Endorse Stan Grot During Secretary Of State Announcement

Mitchell, left, Grot, right (Photo by DarKen Photography)

By Brandon Hall
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Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot is about to kick off his campaign for Secretary of State in Lansing Tuesday at 1 pm, and WMP has learned Grot will be introduced and endorsed by Congressman Paul Mitchell.

Mitchell, a former business leader who won his seat as a DC outsider, represents Michigan's 10th District in Congress, it's his first year as a Representative. 

Mitchell earned significant street cred with conservatives and grassroots activists when he led the campaign to stop Prop 1 in 2015, the proposal would have been the biggest tax hike in over 50 years for the Great Lakes State.

Grot will hold two announcements, one on August 22nd in Lansing near the Capitol building, and one in Macomb on August 23rd.

The event in Macomb will be held from 6-9 pm at The Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township and features dinner, dessert, and drinks. It is free of charge, but donations are welcome.

Grot filed his first campaign statement a few weeks ago, revealing he raised over $70,000 during the last 3 months.

His main opponent in the race, State Sen. Mike Kowall, raised just $600. Kowall is an establishment favorite, so expect Lansing money to pour in soon, in addition to whatever he transfers from his Senate account.

Grot has been busy traveling across Michigan this summer, visiting with delegates at local Republican Party dinners, as well as at grassroots events. 

He is also speaking at rallies organized by the Michigan Trump Republicans.

In May, he hosted RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel during a big fundraising dinner for the 10th District Republican Party at Shelby Gardens.

Grot's plan to improve the Secretary of State's office includes:

-requiring documentation proving US citizenship at registration
-elimination of voters registered in other states
-a crack down on issues in Detroit
-implementation of mandatory photo ID requirements for voting
-use the Social Security database to remove voters who have died
-audit local municipalities who struggle to conduct elections properly


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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Will Ted Nugent Endorse Lena Epstein For Senate?

By Brandon Hall
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Michigan Senate candidate Lena Epstein is receiving some big praise from rock star Ted Nugent in her fight to send far left Sen. Debbie Stabenow to the unemployment line.

Epstein and Nugent appeared together yesterday during an episode of "The Specialists" on Fox News.

Speaking to Frank Beckmann on WJR Thursday, Nugent spoke glowingly of the Detroit area businesswoman, who burst on to the political scene last year as a Co-Chair of President Trump's Michigan campaign.

"I spent some time on Fox  with a young lady from Detroit, her name is Lena Epstein, and boy, did she nail exactly where Michigan has to go, and get rid of Debbie Stabenow who is a status quo Nancy Pelosi Maxine Waters weirdo intentionally and openly trying to destroy the American dream," Nugent said.

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Nugent says he isn't making any formal endorsements quite yet, but his appearance with her and positive comments afterward could be a great sign for Epstein that the Motor City Madman may back her candidacy.

Nugent was in the news recently for saying that Kid Rock has no plans of running for the seat despite teasing he may do so. Epstein says if Kid Rock enters the race, she'd love to campaign with him so they can work together toward defeating Stabenow.

Epstein has been extremely visible at events across the Great Lakes State, notably rallies held by Michigan Trump Republicans where she is frequently a keynote speaker.

Epstein, who has unapologetically stood with President Trump since last summer, has received strong grassroots support because of her commitment to the President, as well as the Constitution and conservative values.

Epstein has also proven that she can raise money, bringing in nearly half a million dollars in just over a month before the campaign's first FEC deadline.


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dems Score HUGE Win As Former Radio Host Andy O'Riley Enters 91st District State House Race

O'Riley with wife Cindy

By Brandon Hall
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Democrats hoping to score a win in Michigan's most competitive State House district, the 91st in the Norton Shores area, have scored a major win as prominent radio personality Andy O'Riley has launched his campaign for the seat.

O'Riley says he is running to continue the work of improving the Muskegon area.

"There is a little over a years worth of work ahead," O'Riley said in a Facebook statement. "As we go along, we're going to work to make sure the people of Muskegon, Michigan have the representation they need. Your concerns will be heard. Our community and people will be my focus and together, we'll continue to make Muskegon better every day. "

After retiring from the radio business, O'Riley started "Positively Muskegon" to promote good things happening in the region.

O'Riley will likely win the nomination and subsequently be very hard for Republicans to beat in November....

The seat is currently held by State Rep. Holly Hughes. She is term limited and running for the State Senate seat currently held by Geoff Hansen in the 34th District. 

Hughes faces former State Rep. Jon Bumstead, a favorite of the conservative grassroots, in the primary.

Stay tuned!
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Huizenga Disappoints, Trashes President Trump Repeatedly

Rep. Bill Huizenga

By Brandon Hall
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Congressman Bill Huizenga was late to get on board the "Trump Train," refusing to endorse the Republican nominee until October. Once he was on board though, Huizenga was widely praised for his enthusiasm and support, appearing at multiple Trump/Pence rallies and doing dozens of media appearances defending Trump.

After President Trump took office, he even signed one of Huizenga's bills.

In the last couple of weeks though, Huizenga has turned against President Trump, trashing him over his speaking style, as well as Charlottesville.

Speaking to the Grand Haven Chamber Of Commerce, Huizenga said Trump needs to change his tone.

According to the Grand Haven Tribune:

"Huizenga said he doesn’t like the tone President Donald Trump takes at times and sees it as “unhelpful.” He said it’s “New Jersey-New York moxie” that comes out, and that doesn’t fit with West Michigan residents."

However, it was a Facebook statement posted Tuesday night that was particularly disappointing.

"Today, President Trump had the opportunity to clearly refute the ideology spread by groups such as the KKK and White Supremacists and failed to do so. This shouldn't be a tough decision. If an ideology promotes hate and targets individuals because of their race, religion, or gender it should be refuted.

Congressman Huizenga must have missed President Trump repeatedly refute the hate groups from the rally...

"Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans," Trump said. "We are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. We are equal in the eyes of our Creator. We are equal under the law. And we are equal under our Constitution. Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America."

Denouncing hate groups is nothing new for the President, he has done it repeatedly over the years.


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Holland Sentinel Editor Battles Veteran And Trump Supporter Jim Chiodo In Controversial Court Fight Thursday

Chiodo, left, with Ottawa County Clerk Justin Roebuck, at an event last year

By Brandon Hall

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Jim Chiodo's life was turned upside down earlier this year after he found himself in court defending his reputation against allegations he was trying to intimidate and harass Holland Sentinel Editor Sarah Leach.

Despite Chiodo's efforts representing himself, Leach prevailed, forcing  Chiodo to give up his gun collection and publicly embarrassing the Veteran, tea party activist, and Trump supporter.

On Thursday August 17th at 3 pm in Grand Haven, Chiodo will attempt to get the ruling reversed. This time, he's bringing a lawyer, and he's hoping the Hon. Ottawa County Circuit Court Judge Karen Miedema will have a change of heart.

Chiodo from his Air Force days
During the investigation for this story, WMP filed a FOIA request with the Holland Police Department and spoke to multiple sources close to Chiodo and involved in area politics, as well as utilized information from Chiodo's email blasts and Go FundMe page. Chiodo was unable to talk directly about the case because of pending litigation.

Chiodo, well known in West Michigan political circles for his former role as leader of the Ottawa County Patriots, has been a thorn in the side of the Holland Sentinel for years, consistently criticizing the paper for what he believes is unfair coverage favoring Democrats over Republicans.

Through emails, Facebook posts and comments, as well as the paper's website, Chiodo hasn't been shy about letting the Sentinel know where he stands.

In February of this year though, the situation escalated.

Chiodo helped organize a February 18th rally supporting President Trump in downtown Holland, and because of his views about the Sentinel, he instructed supporters not to talk to the paper, which he believes is "fake news." 

He initially tried to keep the rally somewhat of a secret to avoid protesters, however, a Sentinel reporter discovered a post on the Ottawa County Patriots website promoting it.

The day before the event, Holland Sentinel Editor Sarah Leach claims she felt intimidated by Chiodo, so she decided to file a complaint against him with the Holland Police Department.

Sarah Leach (Holland Sentinel photo)
Police records show that Leach met with Holland Police at the Sentinel office on February 17 of this year. Leach said that Chiodo "appeared to be a far right leaning political leader" and after the election in November she received "numerous emails and comments on the Holland Sentinel web page...of Jim calling her or her employees names including libtard and snowflake."

 Leach also said that "Jim began accusing the Sentinel of being a one sided news agency and promoting fake news." The communications "were not physically threatening or aggressive but were very weird and would often not make sense," Leach said.

At this meeting, Leach said she only wanted to make police aware of the situation in case something happened in the future.

A couple weeks later, when an officer talked to Chiodo and first informed him a complaint was filed, he said "I hate Sarah, and she hates me." He said he would no longer call the paper, but would continue to speak out, per his First Amendment rights.

Holland Police were dispatched to the Sentinel office again a few weeks later after Leach complained Chiodo had sent the paper an email. The email took issue with the "left leaning" views of the paper and was directed at an opinion writer, not Leach.

The officer told Leach that the email was not sent to her and wasn't threatening, advising her she could block his emails if she'd like. Leach felt she shouldn't have to do that.... Leach then sought a prosecution against Chiodo for harassment. The case was forwarded to prosecutors for possible charges.

Prosecutors refused to press charges against Chiodo.

That's when Leach decided to go another route, filing a civil action against Chiodo known as a SLAPP lawsuit. SLAPP, strategic lawsuit against public participation. Leach also sought a PPO, a personal protection order.

It's at this point in the story that Leach was aided (and perhaps duped) by controversial former Ottawa County Republican Party Secretary Chris McMullin. 

McMullin, who lost his race for Allendale Township Trustee last summer, is an ardent "Never Trumper," and considers himself a strong supporter of State Rep. (D)aniela Garcia. Garcia's father beat Chiodo for a spot on the Ottawa County Commission last year...Chiodo has praised former Sentinel government reporter Caleb Whitmer for the coverage he received in that race.

McMullin, unsolicited, apparently approached Leach and offered to help her in the fight against Chiodo. Not only did he try to assist, he went rogue, misrepresenting himself as speaking for the Ottawa GOP.

However, Leach presented McMullin's twisted two cents as Ottawa GOP gospel, writing in her complaint that the organization had to have a police presence at meetings out of fear for Chiodo, and that he displays his concealed pistol at meetings. 

After inquiring with multiple party regulars from grassroots activists to leadership, and as an attendee of dozens of meetings over the years, it's clear there is absolutely no basis for McMullin's claims, they are targeted and calculated lies.

Ottawa County GOP Chair Janessa Smit tells WMP McMullin speaks for himself.

"Individual members of the Ottawa GOP Executive Committee are just that- individuals," Smit said. "Our members are free to hold differing opinions, engage in outside activities, and support various causes (with the exception of endorsing candidates in the primary), but only the Chair is authorized to speak on behalf of the organization."

Unfortunately for Chiodo, McMullin's phony claims are what Leach said pushed her over the edge and caused her to seek the SLAPP/PPO. Leach's request was granted.

McMullin has resigned from the Ottawa GOP over the issue, and in a statement to West Michigan Politics, he denies making those claims.

"(I) never alleged he displayed a pistol at a meeting, never said that," McMullin said. "And I didn’t demand police presence, I offered to pay for it."

So, what happens next?

Chiodo will be in Ottawa County Circuit Court Thursday afternoon, trying to get the PPO terminated. He is asking for people to attend to attend and show their support, he says "free speech is on trial."

A GoFundMe page created for Chiodo says a local newspaper editor suing a resident sets a dangerous precedent.

“If an editor may successfully use the court to SLAPP a local conservative grassroots activist in Ottawa County, you may be the next target. Any local editor, confronted with failing circulation, could turn on conservative grassroots activists to justify their failed business model,”

Those who would like to support Chiodo with a contribution to his legal defense can make a donation at the link below. So far, he has raised nearly $6,000 out of the $10,000 he needs.

>>>CLICK HERE To View Jim Chiodo's GoFundMe Page
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

5 Reasons Why You'd Be Foolish To Count Out Governor Geoffrey Fieger

By Brandon Hall
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Some people chuckle at the thought of "Governor Geoffrey Fieger," but they may not be laughing when the election results in 2018 come in if the prominent Detroit lawyer decides to jump in to the race.

Fieger, known as "the million dollar mouth" for his litigating skills during jury trials, is said to be quite serious about launching a campaign, and he has until next spring to file.

Here are 5 reasons why you'd be foolish to count out Geoffrey Fieger:

1. He Can Win The Dem Primary

Fieger is well positioned to win the primary. A recent poll showed him deadlocked with Gretchen Whitmer, and he hasn't spent a dime or done anything, he's not even running! Polling a few weeks ago even showed Fieger slightly ahead of Whitmer. 

Things get worse for the former Senate Minority Leader when looking at numbers in Southeast Michigan. In places like Detroit, Fieger is destroying her by nearly 50%, highlighting her weakness with the party's urban base.

2. He Can Win The General Election

2018 is not 1998, things have changed in America and here in Michigan. Just because Fieger struggled against an incumbent Governor back then means absolutely nothing now. His style is in many ways a liberal version of Donald Trump, and Michigan voters proved last November that is just what they are looking for. It's also a staple of Michigan history that whatever party holds the White House almost never wins the Governor's election, another facet favoring Fieger. 

The "million dollar mouth" will also have plenty to talk about on the campaign trail, he'll ignore Michigan's success stories of the last 8 years and put the spotlight on problems in Flint, higher gas taxes, Lansing corruption, the corporate welfare of the MEDC, and the control special interests have over too many of our lawmakers, among other weak spots for Republicans.

3. He Can Self Fund

Fieger spent over $6 million on his 1998 run, and he has racked up many more courtroom victories in the 20 years since. Fieger can write himself a check to win the primary, and may even be able to do the same for the General, depending on how much he's willing to part with. Taking a page from the Trump playbook, Fieger could campaign on the fact he doesn't need special interest money to win.

4. He Has High Name ID

Fieger has name ID political candidates who have never held office before dream of, it seems like almost everyone in Michigan has heard of him. Even ask people who don't follow politics, they have probably heard him on the news, or in one of his commercials.

5. He Is A Pro At Earned Media

Fieger loves the media, and the media loves Fieger. Just look at what his blog post teasing a run for Governor did to the media earlier this year: articles in all the major papers across Michigan popped up, his name was included in polls (that he won even while not running) he dominated political social media discussion for days, and gave multiple TV interviews, including a memorable sit down with Tim Skubick for "Off The Record."

Fieger is a perfect fit for the media, he's funny, passionate, aggressive, entertaining, and always seems to leave people wondering just what he'll say next. Get him on Twitter and watch out...

Despite those chuckles from his detractors I mentioned at the beginning, Fieger may be the one who gets the last laugh on New Year's Day in 2019 if he decides to run...Don't count him out by any means!  __________________________________________________________________
Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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