Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hagerstrom: Detroit News Has No Credibility To Define What's Conservative After Prop 1 Support

By Brandon Hall  

After the Detroit News endorsed Gary Johnson earlier this week, Michigan Trump State Director Scott Hagerstrom says the paper has no credibility with Conservatives in the state.

Hagerstrom cited Prop 1 as the main reason. The paper backed the largest tax in modern Michigan history last year after claiming it was the only way to improve roads...

The proposal was defeated 80% to 20%. Hagerstrom worked with Paul Mitchell to help stop the awful plan...

Johnson, a pro-choice extremist who supports abortion all 9 months, TPP, and even a carbon tax, has been in the news lately for failing to name a SINGLE world leader he respects, as well as for being completely ignorant re: the importance of Aleppo in Syria.

The Detroit News also cites Trump's fight against TPP as a reason not to support him.

 The paper says it supports the horrendous "free trade" proposal Hillary called "the gold standard" that would turn over the control Michigan and other states have to DC  special interests and global corporate elites.

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Brandon Hall is a lifelong political nerd from Grand Haven, and is the Managing Editor of West Michigan Politics.

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Photo By Darlene Dowling Thompson


  1. Brilliant. The Detroit "News" and Nolan Finley so HATE Trump that it/he will back someone who could not name a single foreign leader (none. zero. zilch.) And someone who is for legalizing drugs across the board. Nolan Finley lost all credibility with that one. Makes Sundays even easier as I won't need to read any local silliness.

  2. Hagerstrom is right about the News not being credible with conservatives in the State. Being willing to compromise on one's principles is not attractive to anyone. That's why the News will always be the junior paper in the City and State.